Zoho Writer going offline with Gears!

August 21, 2007

Zoho, those creators of funky web based office apps, will be announcing offline functionality for Zoho Writer their word processor tool today. This may be the first on/offline office app of it’s type.

The functionality has been built with Google Gears. That’s a huge smack in the face for Google as they should have been first with this kind of offline functionality for their own Google Docs, not letting a competitor use their own technology to beat them to it. Users will need to install a plugin to allow the offline functionality, but that’s it, really simple.

Read-only functionality is coming first for the offline users. Read/write will be added in a number of weeks and thats the killer app.

Zoho are constantly one step ahead of Google and other online office tool providers. Google et al need to step up a gear and launch some serious innovation if they are to catch up (functionality wise that is).

Here’s a video presentation about the functionality:

Edit: Zoho have now released the functionality and posted on their blog about the features.


One Response to “Zoho Writer going offline with Gears!”

  1. Arvind Says:

    Steve : Thanks! The update’s over and please try the new features.

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