YouTube release inVideo ads

August 22, 2007

YouTube have today released their long awaited inVideo advertising functionality.

Now, when you watch a video, about 10 seconds in a small overlay appears in the bottom of the clip. Click that overlay and it will expand and play the video ad over the top of the clip you were watching. The original clip pauses and restarts when the ad finishes.

I don’t know how widely these appear on videos as I haven’t managed to find one yet but Mashable has screenshots. Mashable make a good point that YouTube have managed to come up with something that meets all the commercial needs of themselves and advertisers without impinging on the viewing experience of users too much. That said, there are some reports of video playback becoming ‘choppy’ for those who don’t have much processing power in their PC’s.

Ads will be sold on a CPM basis at approx $20. This makes them a very good alternative to traditional banners and quite possibly a better buy. Targeting is the one thing I need more info on before I’d be buying any, I’d need to know how you target certain videos so as to attract the right users. For example, as a travel business can I target videos which are about destinations or will I appear randomly anywhere in the YouTube network? Testing showed a click through rate of 5 to 10 times that of traditional banners so if they continue that kind of uptake they will be extremely powerful tools for marketers!


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