Google say; personalisation is the future of…

August 23, 2007

…search, advertising and everything else in between!

During a keynote speech at the Search Engine Strategies conference in California this week, Marissa Mayer, VP of Search Products and User Experience at Google talked about personalisation as key to Googles future strategy for search and most other avenues. She said that within 10-15 years time search sites will understand much more about their users such as location and personal preferences.

She also said it’s important that the ads are personalised too. Now that could have an impact for Adwords advertisers in the future, some advertisers won’t want to limit their coverage by being restricted by individual searchers histories and preferences. Although other advertisers will be getting excited by the prospects of better targeting.

Interestingly she mentioned that Google is looking at changing the presentation of its universal search page “to guide users’ eyes” so they can see the results and the advertisements, her philosophy being that the ads and the search results should match.

She also said that the way Facebook aggregates data about relationships between people, including when they met and how they know each other is interesting. She said “The type of information they’re building about the social graph between people is something that is intelligent and will be particularly useful in the future”. It certainly looks like Facebook have noticed this


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