Google says: Mobiles hot!

August 23, 2007

In the news today Google has come out to say that usage of it’s mobile services have soared during the summer months. Usually the summer months can see a dip in web usage and perhaps this is evidence that users are getting more comfortable with the small screen so continuing to use it when on the move.

Visits to Google’s maps, Gmail and mobile searches on mobile phones and wireless handheld devices rose 35 percent between May and June. Thats a reverse of last years pattern which saw a decline at that time of year.

They attribute a jump in use of 40 percent to the launch of the iPhone. However I know that it’s widely used in the UK too and we don’t have the iPhone yet.

This is definitely all about better handsets being available, more people having decent handsets and the public at large getting more savvy with ways of accessing the web. I’d expect it to keep rising rapidly. For the UK, we’ve had such a poor summer weather wise that I’m surprised that usage hasn’t shifted back to PC’s, the test will be when we have a decent summer (we can pray that may be next year…).


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