Orkut to launch new design; is that all??

August 24, 2007

Orkut, the three year old social network from Google (GOOG), has announced that they will be releasing a new look to the site soon. I’ve been an Orkut member for a while but never really used it as all my contacts are on other networks. I hear it does well in other parts of the world but it has certainly never taken off in the UK (yet).

Google really need to pull something out of the bag if they are to get any momentum going on this product. It doesn’t offer anything unique, is not the most intuitive network and really doesn’t live up to my expectations of Google. The look and feel refresh may help as it is really tired at the moment.

What they really need is a new hook to bring in the users, something ground breaking that we’d all expect from Google. Mashable discusses SocialStream a unified social network that Google sponsored. This aggregator type approach could be exactly what Orkut needs to break free. I discussed this a while ago and in my opinion Google would be the perfect player to take this concept forwards. Perhaps Orkut is the very platform that could do it?


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