Trade Unions step into the Facebook argument

August 30, 2007

So we’ve all read the recent reports of businesses banning Facebook, Bebo and MySpace to try to prevent employees wasting time. We’ve also read the stories about recruiters and employers using social networks to check out prospective hires. Now the TUC (Trade Union Congress) have stepped up and issues some guidelines to help employees and employers make informed decisions about usage in the workplace. They also discuss the possibility of it being discriminatory to not hire someone based on their Facebook profile when they might be the only candidate with one (good point!).

There’s some guidelines for TUC members here, and some guidelines aimed at employers here.

It’s quite amazing to see something like this happen. The TUC is generally an old school organisation so to see them tackling this kind of issue is testament to the huge popularity and buzz surrounding social networks at the moment.


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