Microsoft still after Yahoo?

September 4, 2007

Interesting analyst opinion from Bear Stearns on Yahoo here. The analyst who prepared the report put Yahoo as one of their top picks, citing such factors as signs that advertising pressure may be decreasing and initial concerns about Panama (the new Yahoo paid search platform) may have been unfounded.

Most interestingly he cites Yahoo as ripe for acquisition, mentioning Microsoft as a possible suitor. he believes that Microsoft have been actively investigating the possibility of acquiring Yahoo for some time cake stand. He also said that he could see any buyout price being at approximately double the current Yahoo share price. Now that has to be tempting for Yahoo!

If this ever happened (which I’m not yet convinced of) it would turn Microsoft into a major player in the online world, instantly buying them a serious amount of advertising real estate and with the potential to compete with Google Adwords in the paid search arena.


One Response to “Microsoft still after Yahoo?”

  1. Alex Says:

    Hypothetical at the extreme, but I wonder, if this were to happen, what would happen to Yahoo technology….. which is mainly based on PHP / open source…. and is the posterchild for PHP based systems

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