Web 2.0 investment rising

September 17, 2007

This study has been released showing the amount invested in Web 2.0 properties this year so far.

Here’s some highlights via E-Consultancy:

  • $464.4m was invested into 101 Web 2.0 deals in the six months, with $357m (£179m) going into 67 US deals, a similar figure to the same period in 2006.
  • $52m (£26m) was invested in 20 European Web 2.0 deals, the same number of deals as for the whole of last year.
  • The UK accounted for seven of the European deals and an investment of $22m (£11m). In 2006, five Web 2.0 deals involved UK companies, worth a total of $23.4m (£11.9m).
  • Investment in French companies has also increased, with five deals worth $16m (£8m) so far this year. Last year a total of $39m (£20m) was invested in France.
  • Investment in China seems to have dropped slightly, just nine Web 2.0 deals, worth a total of $41m (£20.5m) down from 12 deals during the same time last year.

The one question that remains to be asked is quite how they categorise these deals as Web 2.0? On investigation quite a few don’t share any of the common web 2.0 criteria. Also, if this is Web 2.0 deals, what about VC deals with other web apps and companies? I’m sure the figures for that would bump this up to a much higher amount of investment than last year. Maybe it’s time to stop segregating the web into 1.0 and 2.0. At the end of the day it’s all web based sites, services and applications. Applying a label of 2.0 to some of them may end up being detrimental to the rest or at the very least confusing to the VC’s who don’t really understand the technical ramifications.


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