Facebook offering rewards and javascript

September 18, 2007

Mark Zuckerberg has announced a new rewards system for Facebook developers. They are offering up to $250,000 for new, innovative apps built on the Facebook platform. There’s been a huge rush to build apps resulting in over 4,000 currently (a lot of which are less than impressive), this should see the hype continue in the developer community and maybe tease out some more valuable applications. Anyone can submit their app and they’ll be judged as to their worth with some receiving a cash injection.

In other Facebook news, they’ve announced that they’re brand of JavaScript, the catchily named Facebook Javascript (FBJS), is now out of beta and into version 1.0. This should give developers more hooks into the platform and enable creation of seamless ‘web 2.0’ style applications to embed into users profiles.

So now developers have more tools at hand to try to win a reward for their apps. How long till the platform hits 10,000 apps? I reckon about three months at this rate!


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