Ignore customer complaints at your peril!

October 4, 2007

Or you might end up on Watchdog!

Expedia has just found this out by appearing in the first slot on the BBC’s Watchdog consumer issues programme last night. They were being taken to task for poor customer service with a number of damning examples being brought to light.

The excuse? “It’s frequent practice for hotels and airlines to overbook to allow for people not showing up (‘no shows’), cancellations and early departures.” Now that’s not the brightest excuse in the world is it? Best to swallow your pride Expedia and apologise and say you will make up for your short comings.

As much as the excuse may be true, it’s never a good idea to blame an industry issue for consumer problems. It means nothing to the customer and they believe they should be protected from this by the company they are purchasing from.

It will be interesting to see if this results in some sort of backlash for a short time (lower traffic, conversion or bookings) for Expedia or any of the other online travel agents.


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