Word of mouth is the best way to sell!!

October 4, 2007

So what is the most powerful selling tool available to us to market with on the web these days? I often think that the most trusted recommendation (or advert) is another person and it seems I’m not the only one. Nielsen have completed a survey asking consumers what their most trusted form of advertising is, the results are not surprising:

To What Extent Do You Trust the Following Forms of Advertising?
Recommendations from consumers 78%
Newspapers 63%
Consumer opinions posted online 61%
Brand websites 60%
Television 56%
Magazines 56%
Radio 54%
Brand sponsorships 49%
Email I signed up for 49%
Ads before movies 38%
Search engine ads 34%
Online banner ads 26%
Text ads on mobile phones 18%

So, as suspected consumer reviews have leapt into the lead as the most trusted form of advertising. Word of mouth is still king, time for all in online travel to bite the bullet and add reviews to their sites? Maybe, but control will be important so as not to show yourselves in a bad light!


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