Splashtop; an instant access desktop environment

October 9, 2007

Wow! Sometimes a new product launches that really captures the imagination. Today I’ve come across a software product that I could really use! It would instantly fill a requirement I have that would make my life easier and more productive, and thats something it’s very rare to say about software these days!

Splashtop is an instant access desktop environment for web browsing. Now my laptop is bloated (time to get a new one) and can take an age to boot especially when connected to the network. What I really need is a way to access key applications quickly without having to wait for the horrendous Windows boot experience to finish. Splashtop cures that straight away!

The promise is (as I haven’t got a copy to try so I’m going on trust) that within seconds of switching on a PC you’re presented with a screen that allows you to access web browsing and Skype straight away. You don’t even need to load the OS at all!

It sounds amazing! Currently only supporting their own web browser and Skype but sure to add more in time it could become my weapon of choice for quick access to my digital life. See the video below for a demo:

Now that looks great doesn’t it?

But imagine this for a moment… Splashtop do a deal with a decent browser (eg. Mozilla), not saying that theirs is no good but I haven’t tried it yet, and suddenly you have access to all your online apps. I use Gmail for email, Google Docs and Apps for office tools, Basecamp for project management and many other online apps. So I don’t really need Windows or MS Office anymore. So I don’t really need my OS (yes I know, I should be on Linux but I’m lazy…). With a product like Splashtop I can access all of this instantly with no boot up time. Great for when you really need to grab something quick or check emails on the go. The only thing I need to know is quite how you’d connect to the web if the OS hasn’t booted???

So, in conclusion… This could be really big and it could also get snapped up quick by someone such as Google as it would make a great addition to the stable and be one in the eye for Microsoft all at once!


One Response to “Splashtop; an instant access desktop environment”

  1. Senf Says:

    Wooow! This looks more than great! I wonder if it works only on Asus. That’s ok with me, cause I have the Asus laptop myself, but this could be a problem for other folks. I’m testing it now and it looks like I can access my most often used web-app Wrike much faster. Almost unbelievable! Wrike is my project management and productivity app. I prefer it to Basecamp. Thank’s so much for the link!

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