More ways to find travel with inspiration

October 16, 2007

Travelocity have a new tool in their beta area, the Travelocity ExperienceFinder.

This new way to find a holiday is basically quite similar to the Expedia Inspirator and Inspiriscope tools I took a look at earlier. It allows you to choose a destination and theme and then presents you with ideas that suit your holiday. It’s a Flash based app, and looks great. You can add items to your wish list which builds up like a nice shopping basket, only of course it’s not a shopping basket…

This is where this type of functionality becomes useless to me. Yes I can make informed decisions on what products to add to my wish list, yes they will help me by segmenting the product by theme and yes it looks pretty funky. But (and it’s a big but) what about booking? I can only book each item on it’s own, I can’t bundle the wish list up and book the lot which is really annoying!

I guess Travelocity don’t have true dynamic packaging technology (which amazes me given the pedigree) otherwise they would allow this bundling. So this still leaves me waiting for my perfect travel inspirer…


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