Productivity is go!

October 16, 2007

Or at least it will be soon…

For ages I’ve been waiting for some offline functionality to arrive for Google Docs to allow me to work offline on spreadsheets and documents and then work online on them later, keeping them synchronised. I’ve been expecting this to arrive from Google in the form of a Gears application but it seems like everyone is dying to beat them to the launch.

Docsyncer is in private beta at the moment and promises full on/offline synchronisation between your Microsoft Office documents and Google Docs. Docsyncer will run quietly in the background on your PC and upload (and download) any changes made to documents in either environment (desktop or online).

This is fantastic news! I can’t wait to try it, being an avid user of Google Docs this will aid my productivity hugely! How long Docsyncer will remain an independent company and not just another part of Google is anyones guess…


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