More insight into Google’s social ambitions

October 29, 2007

Techcrunch has a great article on the emerging rumours about ‘Maka-Maka’ the hotly discussed coming social platform that will apparently tie all Google’s online properties into a stream of social attention and activity data.

I mentioned this ambition in September, it seems the rumours back then were true. All that remains to be seen is quite what is going to emerge from all of this. Techcrunch’s commentary is spot on and covers all the angles so I’ll say no more apart from that I really hope this results in a set of fully open API’s and a stream of data (as Techcrunch surmises). That will be an incredibly powerful tool and enable a new surge in development of web apps coming from outside Google, some of which could even compete with Facebook.

How does Orkut fit into this picture? I hope they recreate it as a social hub for your online attention and activity streams.


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