When is your privacy not private?

October 29, 2007

When it’s on Facebook it would seem!

Valleywag has uncovered the rather dubious practices going on at Facebook HQ. Employees at the world’s most popular social network have access to every users profile information. Not only that, they have access to a log of all the user profiles you have looked at during your time on the site.

Obviously some people within Facebook have to have open access to the whole database of users and their activities, however to make this open to everyone seems a major breach of privacy to me. I don’t want their junior developers reading my wall posts, or their interns knowing who I have added to my top friends (and who I haven’t).

This breach of privacy becomes even more worrying when you think about who are members of Facebook. From political candidates to pop stars to Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, all their personal and attention data is available to Facebook employees.

It’s unknown whether the data available to employees includes the more sensitive messages and contact details.

It’s seen as a perk of the job, but to me this just seems plain wrong!


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