New trip planning tool from Travelocity

October 30, 2007

Travelocity has launched their latest tool to help customers plan their perfect holiday. The latest addition (I blogged about one of their others here) to the stable of user friendly trip planning tools is the Road Trip Wizard.

The Road Trip Wizard is aimed at users seeking a way to build up a road trip itinerary online. It’s much closer to the kind of trip planning tools I’ve always thought were the next logical step for the online travel arena (more on that in a post coming soon). It’s really flexible, allows multi destination plans to be made and is a definite move away from the normal route of having to specify dates and destinations before getting any results (or even content in some cases) back from the website your querying. This is a very good thing! It’s actually fairly unintuitive for users to be asked such specifics when they first hit a website. Imagine the scenario of the travel agents, never are the first questions you’re asked ‘what date, how long, where, how many people’, it’s more likely to be ‘what kind of holiday, what kind of weather, what kind of experience’ this is where we need to get to in online.

The wizard allows you to select a starting point and then search around it for places to stay and things to do (and you can of course book them), then you can select a next point for your journey and do the same again. It will then plot a route on a map and warn you if it thinks you’re driving too far in a day etc. You can specify more details about yourself and the party, even down to the reason for the trip, and it gets even more clever based on the personas you’ve created. The intelligent engine behind the wizard scours a database of over 5 million points of interest making it extremely powerful.

At the end of it all you have a very detailed plan of where to stay, what to do and the driving directions to get you from point to point.

The Road Trip Wizard is a piece of technology created by a company called LeisureLogix, Travelocity is the first to launch an application using the platform. There are obvious aplications for UK tour operators as well, it could quite nicely be applied to the (currently very popular) flydrive holidays that are often sold to the east and west coast U.S. This would allow a UK tour operator to sell a flight into Orlando for instance and then allow a user to book a car and a range of hotels across the country, flying back via a west coast airport such as San Francisco. Integrating this technology with a dynamic packaging engine would be incredibly powerful! I’d also like to see it ported over to cover South Africa as well, it would be a great way to plan a Garden Route road trip. Tools like this are a definite step in the right direction for online travel.


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  1. JC Says:

    Have a look at to plan your next South African trip

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