Open Social nabs some big partners and is now live!

November 2, 2007

For development… Don’t get too excited as this doesn’t guarantee them dominance in the social networking world but Google have a bit of a coup as they’ve announced MySpace, Bebo and Six Apart are going to be working on Open Social too. Apparently Google have been in talks with MySpace for about a year on this (which explains the recent appetite to open up from MySpace). Techcrunch has more here.

Here’s the official announcement from Google on their blog, and here’s the link to the API’s which is now live.

And for an insight into why this is all happening, here’s a video from a Google event last night explaining more about why it’s good to be open.

The full list of Open Social members is pretty formidable (MySpace,, Friendster, hi5, Hyves, imeem, LinkedIn, Ning, Oracle, orkut, Plaxo,, Six Apart, Tianji, Viadeo, Bebo and XING). Should Facebook be worrying? Well right now all the announcements mean is that there will be an amazing amount of openness between the members of Open Social and there should be some pretty amazing development going on. It doesn’t yet mean that people will leave Facebook for anywhere else (although the chances of that will get greater).

There may be an opportunity here for an early adopter of Open Social standards to create an uber social network which features functionality and data from all the participating networks. It makes the evolution of the life stream much more important and likely to appear sooner. It also gives choice, no longer do you have to stick with anyones interface, you should be able to move away and go to other places while still keeping in touch with the networks.


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