Facebook news of the day

November 7, 2007

A few tidbits of insight from some of the webs best blogging reporters here today. As I’m busy I’m just going to link to them and let you read at your leisure:

The Facebook Ad Backlash Begins – an insightful look into the beginning of a possible backlash against the latest Facebook advertising announcements. My opinion; it will take time for users to understand the enormity of having their personal data in the hands of an advertising network of this scale. Expect to see the noise around this backlash grow.
Erick Schonfeld – Techcrunch

Why Is Google Afraid of Facebook? – a decent look into the reasons Google should be worried about Facebook. Traffic is only half the story, the main points are around the lack of access the Google spiders have to this data. Do Google feel shut out? Sure they do, otherwise why OpenSocial?
Om Malik – GigOM

Is Facebook Beacon a Privacy Nightmare? – a closer look at the reasons the new ‘beacon’ advertising tool from Facebook could be a privacy concern for users.
Om Malik – GigOM

I expect many more articles about the issues surrounding privacy and personal data with Facebook in the coming days, I’ll continue to post and comment on the best. I also expect the focus to switch back to Google as more news emerges about OpenSocial and it’s integration with Adsense and once the DoubleClick deal goes through it’ll probably be Google taking all the flack!


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