add’s new flight search functionality

November 28, 2007, one of the biggest online travel agents has added some new functionality to it’s flight searches.

They are claiming to be the first travel website to be able to offer different airlines for the outbound and return legs of a flight. This enables them to give more pricing options and to always try to present the cheapest flight to customers.

At the moment this functionality is only available on a number of airlines and flight routes within Europe, that’s probably down to issues with GDS’s (global distribution systems) and sourcing flight contracts that allow mixing of carriers.

Anyway, it’s a great piece of functionality, and hats off to Lastminute as it’s something we wanted to do but found too difficult/costly.

Here’s an example:

Lastminute have also announced the ability to allow passengers to reserve seats on any of 20 airlines they may book before departure. Standard practice for an airline but a first for an online travel agent as far as I’m aware.

While researching this issue I noticed another fantastic piece of functionality that Lastminute offer. When I did the above flight search for London to Nice their booking engine also returned train journeys that matched. And again, the train journeys involved mixed carriers. All this was mixed in with flight results. Fantastic work Lastminute!!


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