Google can find you!

November 29, 2007

If you use Google Maps on your mobile…

Google has announced a new feature on their mobile version of Google Maps which will make use of cell triangulation technology. Cell triangulation allows the nearest cellphone masts to ping your phone and work out the nearest spot to where you are located. It’s generally accurate to about a few hundred metres, more so if your in an area where there are cellphone masts in close proximity.

It’s a useful feature which could allow you to find your current location much more quickly. They should then allow you to plot a course to another destination to really make it useful.

There are some concerns about privacy but they do allow you to switch the My Location feature off. But then, who’s to know what other mobile web sites and applications could be pinpointing your position with triangulation?

This opens the way to much more useful location based services, such as ‘where’s my nearest?’, ‘how do I get to here from here?’ and ‘where the heck am I?’.

Here’s a video on the new technology:


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