GDrive raises privacy concerns

December 1, 2007

Unsurprisingly, concerns are now being raised about Googles planned GDrive storage application (which I posted about the other day).

Popular Mechanics has a good look into the issues here. The concerns are about the amount of personal data that Google could glean from such a service and the potential that could give their ad network.

When you think about this, the data they could get their hands on makes the DoubleClick deal seem insignificant by comparison!

However, one day we have to start trusting third-parties like Google. If we don’t we will never get a really joined up solution for online productivity and the cloud computing theory will be hard to push forwards. What’s the difference between Google and other companies who offer similar services of storage? Advertising. Google is seen as an ad network now and that is beginning to hinder their progress. They need to get public perception back to thinking of them as a provider of innovative services so they can do exactly that and make our lives easier!


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