Travel Republic top Sunday Times Fast Track 100 list

December 3, 2007

Travel Republic has been on my radar since I booked accommodation for a trip to Cuba with them. I found the experience really good, the sites simple to use, they had a great selection of hotels and most of all they were cheaper than anyone else I looked at. Since then I’ve booked with them many times and will continue to do so while they provide such good prices.

It’s pleasing to see that they have come top in a prestigious listing of companies by sales growth rate. The Sunday Times Fast Track 100 was published yesterday and Travel Republic have come top by posting a whopping 284% sales growth year-on-year. It’s the first time a travel business has topped this list That’s pretty damn impressive in my opinion!

Considering that Travel Republic is a fairly new entrant to the online travel agency marketplace, has not got many of the bells and whistles of other OTA’s and doesn’t boast the most amazing user experience, or any web 2.0 features I reckon this is testament to the following.

  • Great stock: they seem to serve destinations a lot of other OTA’s don’t
  • Great prices: I have consistently found Travel Republic the cheapest for hotel bookings
  • KISS: ‘Keep it simple stupid’, there’s a lot to be said for a simple user experience and Travel Republic is so easy to use it is a breath of fresh air
  • Great online marketing: they certainly seem to have PPC nailed and their SEO looks pretty good too

It’s always good news for a sector to see a relatively new entrant doing so well. Keep it up Travel Republic!


One Response to “Travel Republic top Sunday Times Fast Track 100 list”

  1. paul Says:

    Hi Steve – just wanted to say thanks for your very kind words. I would say we do have some web2.0 features (our hotel reviews which can only be added by customers who have booked and stayed at the given hotel and our user-generated resort guides for example). Depends on your definition of web2.0 I guess. However, apart from that your comments are unerringly accurate. If, at any point, you see too many bells and whistles emerging or we start to go off the rails I hope you’ll tell us! Thanks once again. Paul Managing Director

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