Come on ladies, show a little restraint…

December 11, 2007

I’ve written previously abut a concept I’ve termed Self PR Online (here and here) but it seems my posts aren’t getting to the right people.

Now CNN have jumped on the bandwagon and written a piece about a Facebook group called ’30 Reasons Girls Should Call it a Night’. It’s basically a Facebook group with over 170,000 members (mostly women) devoted to tales of drunken debauchery and lurid times (all good clean fun in my opinion).

However, it seems the women who are members of this group could really do with taking note of my blog posts as they’re (apparently) posting all kinds of imagery that may not go down so well with employers or colleges.

Personally I find this quite amusing, as in my opinion any employer worth working for wouldn’t care about a few drunken photos and any person who posts really bad photos is probably unemployable anyway 😉

The advice I gave in previous posts still stands, don’t post anything you wouldn’t want an employer to see, these things have a habit of getting out and becoming public!


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