Google sends even more traffic to the travel sector

December 11, 2007

Hitwise have released a new report on the market share of the major search engines today (based on U.S. data). Unsurprisingly, the report shows that Googles dominance continues to grow rapidly. Google is said to now account for 65.1% of the search traffic delivered online, up 5% from this time last year. Yahoo, MSN and Ask are said to be at 21%, 7% and 4%, all down slightly year on year.

Interestingly for those of us in the travel market 33% of travel traffic is said to be from search engines, thats 15% up year on year. That’s a big jump, perhaps we’re all finally nailing our SEO and PPC strategies.

Google shows its dominance in the online travel sector by donating 21% of travels traffic all by itself which really shows where the focus needs to be for search engine marketers in the travel industry. That’s a 26% increase in the amount of travel traffic that Google contributes to since last year, again a huge leap.

All this bodes very well for the forthcoming January peak booking period!


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