Don’t Forget Your Toothbrush (dot com)

December 14, 2007

I’ve been thinking about how useful services such as this could be and then I come across one that already exists, and it’s made Time Magazines top 10 websites of 2007. is an online holiday checklist tool. Not for planning and booking your holiday itself, but rather for allowing you to plan the run up to going away. All the useful stuff like getting the dog into kennels and booking a taxi to the airport.

It gives you a planning list to help you remember what you need to do when in advance of going away. A packing list, to help you remember what to pack. You can then choose the elements of both of these that you’d like to print or email to yourself (or others).

Very useful, and it works pretty well!

However, I’d like to export my planning list to a calendar. Outlook, iCal and hCalendar (Microformat) compatibility would be a real benefit with a service like this. I’d also like it to integrate with other services so if I put in that I require a taxi to get to the airport it would offer me local taxi firm numbers.

This strikes me as the kind of thing travel companies should be providing themselves. It’s simple, will engage your customers and gives loads of upsell opportunities. Might get my thinking hat on…


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