Google; will it be the first social operating system?

December 16, 2007

So Google is becoming more of an operating system than just a set of services. It already has applications, search, advertising, blogging and loads of tools to help you organise and consume data. It’s announced OpenSocial as a set of API’s aimed at developers who might like to create cross social network applications and services. One would assume that all Googles services will sit on a set of OpenSocial integrated API’s. So it’s a connected, collection of services for your life.

Missing (up to now) was an identity piece of the puzzle, but now Google have a Profiles angle coming into play. Google Profiles will connect you to all the services you use giving a human face to the users of their many tools. This has to be a step towards a social awareness tool that could act like a social network across all Google services. Google Operating System reckons it could be the perfect platform for activity streams to be broadcast, I think they’re probably right and we could see a Google news feed erupt out of this. Perhaps this single Google profiles could broadcast your activity across all social networks using OpenSocial?

Google seem to be playing the game very shrewdly at the moment. They’re releasing the building blocks of social networking and activity streaming without ever showing their cards. They could be planning a massive push into social networking as a social operating system, or bloggers like me could be way off the mark and they may just be adding value to our lives.


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