20% of web users still won’t shop online!

December 17, 2007

I find it amazing that reports such as todays figures from the UK’s GetSafeOnline campaign are still occurring in 2007.

GetSafeOnline have surveyed 2,000 British adults asking them about their online shopping thoughts and habits. 20% of respondents said they felt too scared to trust the internet as a platform for buying goods and worried about credit card fraud and identity theft.

I believe it’s down to website owners to make their customers feel secure by making it clearly obvious that they can be trusted, displaying adequate signs of security, providing alternative contact details (real world ones) and holding the hands of any worried consumer through the transaction itself.

There’s a lot to be said for going down this hand holding route. If you can turn the 20% who don’t shop online into people who trust you enough to give it a go you could reap the rewards and raise your conversion rates.


One Response to “20% of web users still won’t shop online!”

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