10 years of blogging

December 18, 2007

So, it’s ten years since the term weblog was first used by a man collecting a list of links on his Robot Wisdom website. It’s sure come a long way since then!

However, I really believe a blog is for documenting your thoughts on a subject that interests you. It’s a place for sharing and raising opinions, and a place for breaking the news.

Just because the term was only invented ten years ago doesn’t mean people weren’t blogging before that. A company I worked at had it’s own development diary on their public website which was in essence a blog. Many scientists I know were documenting their work in their field on the internet.

The real explosion of blogs happened thanks to the software that makes it all possible and the rise of platforms such as WordPress. Blogs existed long before that, they just weren’t called blogs and certainly were more difficult to create!


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