Seasonal sales: pre-Xmas retails was good, January travel looking good too!

January 7, 2008

As my first post back I thought I’d post some quick thoughts on how festive retail sales held up in the run up to Xmas.

Xmas online retail sales for the U.S. were looking like approx 30% up year on year in mid-December, now the figures are out for the whole festive period. Sales between 1st November and 27th December were 19% up year on year overall which is good growth and online retailers must be happy. Bricks and mortar stores who have websites must also be happy as the increase online will equal better profits for them as it is the cheapest cost of sale channel. However, this growth is down on last years 26%, possibly a sign of the credit crunch or just a natural tailing off of growth as the web becomes all pervasive?

Now, on to travel…

Things are looking good so far. We are up on target and experiencing traffic much higher than predicted. The traffic increase is natural as well, it’s not coming from the hugely expensive advertising campaign that is being run… Search is proving our best converting source of traffic as well.

Today is predicted to be the busiest day in travel agencies, we’re hoping it will be our highest day of traffic and sales of this peak period!


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