The first semantic killer app and some travel thoughts

January 10, 2008

Alex Iskold has written a great article over at Read/Write Web posing some ideas about what could be the first semantic killer web app.

For me the killer app will be one of two things. Either a true natural language, intelligent search engine that understands what users mean by their generally vague search queries and intelligently learns from your searches to keep improving on your search results. The other possibility (in my opinion) is an organiser tool based on social graph portability and semantic understanding of the data you store there, thus enabling easy organisation of your data/contacts/information and intelligent linking/suggestion of uses for it. The second option is a little vague but it’s something I personally would find useful as I have hoardes of personal data stored in various web services with no real links between them, joining this data up could be a very powerful thing.

Semantic search would be an amazing addition to a travel website. A lot of online travel sites are currently getting into intelligent search as a new way to browse content and mine prices and information, the addition of semantic understanding to these intelligent algorithms could make finding a holiday online a much more rewarding experience for the user by providing real suggestions and inspirational content accurately based on a users searches. Technology like this could also herald the end of the traditional booking engine as a starting point for travel sites and get back to a more user friendly model of assisted browsing and content mining.


One Response to “The first semantic killer app and some travel thoughts”

  1. Alex Iskold Says:

    Definitely! I think that travel sites are becoming more semantical. Particularly high focused vertical apps, take advantage of the data that already exists in pages.

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