The power of Google

January 14, 2008

Google’s power and influence in the online world has been demonstrated again today with the news that IncrediMail has had it’s Adsense deal with Google stopped abruptly.

IncrediMail received a large amount of its revenue from displaying Adsense adverts to its users. Now this has suddenly stopped and IncrediMail is feeling the ramifications reflected in its share price which dropped 40%.

No real news as to why the deal has ended but the Adsense account that was used has been suspended so it’s looking like it could be less than amicable.

This really shows the power Google holds over many websites that are considered to have good revenue streams. Switch off the major source of that revenue and what is left for them to survive on. Perhaps some of these websites find they are making so much off Adsense that they neglect other revenue sources and leave their eggs in the one basket.


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