University lecturer bans students from using Google and Wikipedia

January 14, 2008

Local news…

In an absolutely bonkers move a lecturer from Brighton Uni in Sussex UK has banned her students from using Google and Wikipedia to research their topics for assignments.

The lecturer says that students have got too used to just regurgitating the first things they find after a Google search which can often lead to inaccuracies.

I say it’s a bonkers move as the issue here is not that students are using the web to research. The web was invented by universities for research purposes, it’s the best source of information available to students today. Yes there is some inaccurate data and wholly fictitious information but it’s down to the research processes used.

Rather than ban all the students from using these sources, which is totally ridiculous anyway as most will carry on regardless, the Uni would be better off putting some effort into training the students how to research correctly, use Google effectively and effectively evaluate information and data sources.

The lecturer Professor Tara Brabazon will be speaking on the subject this Wednesday at the Sallis Benney Theatre in Grand Parade, Brighton. Her talk will be titled ‘Google Is White Bread For The Mind’. I think I may attend!


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