Investment in websites critical for retailers of all types

January 15, 2008

IMRG the online retail analyst is to release a report stating that it is critical that retailers invest in online as more of the UK population shift to making their purchases through the web. They say that retailers who refuse to move online risk losing half their business over the next ten years as they estimate that 50% of all retail will be online by 2018.

Growth of the online retail channel outstripped all other channels in the run up to Christmas and the volume of shopping online in 2007 was up over 50% on the previous year. This kind of growth is expected to continue (although slowing gradually).

I believe this will apply to travel even more quickly than retail. The shift to online is happening much more quickly and it’s possible that half of all travel bookings could be online within the next two years in the UK. The U.S. is already there according to the report here. Investing now will put you in a good position to capitalise on that growth. It’s especially important for any travel companies who don’t have a web presence yet (there really are some who don’t still) as they really need to get their brand known online and get their online marketing processes in place asap.


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