Tripit launches social features

January 22, 2008

I blogged about Tripit a while back. Since then it’s been gradually gaining momentum and receiving increasing interest from the travel industry and bloggers alike. Most are attracted by the simplicity of their offering and clever way they put together travel itineraries using your confirmation emails. Now they’ve announced another string to their bow.

Today, Tripit announced the addition of new ‘closeness alerts’ to their offering. The location based social ‘closeness’ alerts let you know who will be close to you by automatically alerting you to other travellers who’s plans will take them into your proximity. They’ve also added a feature (similar to WAYN’s) which lets you know who is coming to your hometown.

It’s all functionality that’s been done before (WAYN, Doppler etc etc) but Tripit is still a really nice service so adding these value add features even if they have been done before will entice more users to the service. It’s not attempting to be primarily a social network, rather it’s a travel tool which is adding social features.

Techcrunch have a screenshot of the new features here.


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