Tripit gets a business focus

February 5, 2008

Business travel arrangement has always been best left to someone with experience at making sure all the timings match and everything runs like clockwork. Now Tripit have branched out by announcing a move to provide services aimed at business travellers and those who arrange/manage business travel.

I’m really loving Tripit, the beta works amazingly well and it’s definitely got a long life in my opinion. I’d like to see them actively trying to get more travel providers to sign up to allow their email confirmations to be processed as soon as possible. At the moment I’m just testing it and I’d really like to be able to play with it for real using my own travel plans. The new business functionality allows you to add meetings into an itinerary. A Tripit travel plan can now contain all your travel plans along with daily weather, driving directions, client meetings, restaurant reservations, city guides and more (massive room to cross sell off the itinerary here).

What’s the future for Tripit? Well, it could do fine on it’s own if it applies a sprinkle of advertising in the right places, or maybe it will tie up with online travel agents or become an affiliate to other sites and offer suggestions to fill any gaps in your itinerary (now that’s quite a nice idea, gaps for travel products but also pre-travel products maybe, copyright me please Tripit :-)). However, my one fear for Tripit is that they get bought by a major player and just become a way of them helping users organise travel. Tripit adds the most value because it’s a standalone site and not linked to anyone, I hope they stay independent as they show so much promise!


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