More problems at HMRC

February 6, 2008

I posted the other day about HMRC’s issues with security on it’s tax return website. However I never realised they were having such IT problems as this.

Apparently they are losing billions of pounds a year thanks to some less than ideal software that deals with the UK’s tax credits system. You would have thought this would have hit the mainstream news long ago, a loss in the billions is usually big news especially when it’s a government department. Apparently software errors are causing incorrect payments, seems like a core bit of functionality that’s not working to me. Where are the goverments Q/A processes?

After all the data loss and security issues the last twelve months has not been kind to the HMRC. I’m expecting there to be a lot of government related IT stories this year; there are rumours of issues at other government departments with their new systems at the moment, I expect this to become big news later in the year.


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