Travel 2.0 article

February 19, 2008

Hat tip to Joe Buhler (who’s excellent blog is here) for the heads up about this excellent article on Travel 2.0 from Booz, Allen & Hamilton.

It gets straight to the point of the matter by identifying that travel providers need to adapt to give their users a personalised buying experience that gives all the reassurance of speaking face to face with a travel agent while at the same time securing the best revenues for inventory. The ability to size up a website visitor and instantly offer them a tailored experience which meets their needs and offers them products they will be attracted to is seen as a kind of holy grail in the e-commerce world. Travel could be the industry to get that right as most companies have a wealth of data and understanding of their consumers which can be used to segment and target their offering more effectively. CRM based e-commerce is the way forwards (in my opinion), have a relationship with your visitors and let them know that so they feel special (and more inclined to buy with you).

A tough task, but the article goes on to rightly hint that the technology is now in place to allow this.

Another salient point from the article is that the large players operate pretty much on price alone with very little to differentiate them otherwise. Consumers are getting pickier now and this kind of approach won’t work for much longer unless you have the user experience to match.

In my opinion the only thing holding the industry back from breaking this new customer focused way of selling is a lack of foresight and a nervousness which prevents them going the extra mile to offer the all out personalised, segmented buying experience. It won’t be long though until someone breaks the mould and comes up with something truly engaging which also ticks all the commercial boxes.

Throw in semantic technologies and you will have a ground breaking web experience to offer…

Great article! Go give it a read!


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