Every click counts!

February 25, 2008

As we’ve all known for a long time measuring the success of online ad campaigns based on the last-click is not really representative of how engaging your advert or link is to users.

Finally Microsoft have announced a solution that may be the beginning of the end for these old advertising techniques.

Engagement Mapping will allow campaigns to be attributed to every click in the journey of a user, one suspects that means they will attribute percentages of sales to each click to end up with a weighted user journey.

This is good news and great progress but what is needed now is a tracking tool that will allow conversions to be tracked in this way across channels such as affiliates, paid search and banners and attribute sales correctly. Only then will online marketers really understand the ROI each channel is delivering.


One Response to “Every click counts!”

  1. Manbss Says:

    Has anyone out there heard about WideCircles.com. It seems like a way better service then wasting money on PPC.
    Apparently they are using referring websites ( forums, blogs, wiki, etc. ) and have a viral word of mouth distributed approach to it.
    My friend told me he got around 100 visits from single post which cost him $0.40c.
    I am going to give them a try today .
    In case you are interested here is it. http://widecircles.com?s=imt1

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