InsideTrip thinks it’s all about the trip quality

March 3, 2008

Techcrunch has reviewed a new entrant to the online travel market called InsideTrip.

It seems aimed at the Farecast/Kayak arena of comparison and aggregator sites but with a twist which could set it apart. For once in the travel sector they aren’t purely about finding you the cheapest price for a flight, rather they are trying to find you quality.

Flights are rated on price, speed, comfort and ease. The interface flights are returned in is familiar, it has all the AJAX filter tools of Farecast et al but there’s filters for quality too.

In this day of massive GDS’s which have hundreds of airlines and so many different ways to get from point to point by air this is actually a really nice idea. Many passengers will choose a flight based on factors other than price, especially when the cheapest option could be longer, less comfortable and less convenient.

They have filters for Speed which includes number of stops, travel duration, on-time stats and security wait time. Comfort includes legroom, aircraft type, aircraft age and historical load factor. Ease means connect time, routing quality, lost bags rank and gate location. All extremely valid factors for influencing a choice of flights.

If the data behind these options is accurate and complete then I can see this catching on. If InsideTrip aren’t succesful themselves I’d expect to see these kind of search filters and options appearing on other online travel agents and aggregators pretty soon as they are just so useful to the customer.

Is it time for a new approach to the interface for these sites though?

Looks pretty familiar doesn’t it…


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