Are Techcrunch and Mashable too similar? Should they just merge?

November 18, 2008

Two of my favourite blogs are Techcrunch and Mashable, both tend to cover the same topics a lot of the time. If a post goes up on one it will usually appear on the other soon after, which isn’t a problem really given their unique take on the topics. They both put their own spin on the stories which is interesting to see how their opinions compare. That said, the volume of posts which are similar between the two blogs is very high and surely this must affect their readership numbers, given that some readers will naturally choose one over the other.

For example; right now the latest 10 posts on Techcrunch are:

  • Facebooks verified app program
  • Macbooks new anti-piracy features
  • Google’s mobile voice search app
  • A Flash gaming collective
  • Twitter being down
  • Amazon CloudFront
  • Google’s mobile voice search app (again)
  • The iFun iPhone app
  • Jerry Yang stepping down at Yahoo
  • Facebooks verified app program (again)

The latest 10 posts on Mashable are:

  • Digg recommendation engine (been covered before on Techcrunch)
  • YouTube vs Hulu (lot’s of coverage on both blogs in the past)
  • NewsJunk folding
  • The iFun iPhone app
  • Jerry Yang stepping down at Yahoo
  • Facebooks verified app program
  • Sites you can sell old gadgets on
  • Mogees, an app store middle man
  • Google Analytics for Flash (covered yesterday on Techcrunch)
  • How not to build your Twitter community

The ones in red are covering the same topics on both blogs. The ones in blue have been covered before on the other blog. This shows the huge crossover between these massively popular blogs.

Now, I’m not saying this is a bad thing at all. I’m all for diversity and choice and I enjoy reading both blogs and the angle they take on the tech news of the day. I’m interested in whether you think that a merger between the two could actually be a good thing? I wonder what would be lost by this, whether Techcrunch could swallow up Mashable, cover the mainstream stuff still and allow Mashable a channel of their own (like Crunchgear) to continue their great lists of useful links and apps.

What do you think? Is it time to reduce duplication in the big blogs?


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