Has the marketing funnel become a loop?

August 14, 2009

Just read an interesting post on Socialmediatoday.com about the marketing funnel. They’ve extended it to add an extra level of advocacy to the funnel which makes sense. Most models of consumer behavior stop at loyalty, when as we all know in this time of connectedness it’s the advocates who breed awareness among new potential customers. This is particularly relevant when you consider social networks and the review and recommend online culture that services like Twitter encourage. The brand advocates are the people we all want to encourage and retain.

This suggests to me that a funnel may no longer be the most relevant shape/metaphor to use. The behavior of customers as they become more and more engaged with your brand is cyclical and we cant’ just consider the model a representation of a ‘persons’ journey, rather it’s the way they engage and then help others to engage thus creating community around your brand. Maybe we should call it a circle of buzz…

circle of buzz


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