Micro-tech to help the developing world

August 14, 2009

I’ve written extensively about microfinance and microinsurance over on Artemis.bm. They’re two concepts within the financial and insurance worlds which are actually having positive impacts on citizens in developing countries, further work is of course needed to ensure they remain ethical and well thought through but right now they’re a positive thing (most of the time).

So I came across this post on the great Springwise.com blog which talks about a technology which is aiming to help Indian farmers in similar ways to the index-based monsoon weather insurance cover I’ve discussed on Artemis.bm. It’s a way for farmers to control irrigation on their crops, vitally important tech in India, but with the added benefit of being able to check on whether the electricity is working to enable irrigation too. Farmers have real issues with power being cut from their irrigation systems. The best bit, it’s controlled from your mobile phone, something many people in India have, and mobiles are devices that have even been pulled in to help with microinsurance schemes.

It’s a great idea and demonstrates tech that is simple, easy for citizens of developing countries to understand and genuinely helps them out. Anyone got any other good examples of micro-tech?


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