Could Twitter deliver destination advice and content?

August 17, 2009

Twitter is a source of many things; great content recommendations, trends, memes, geeky chatter, friendships and mindless drivel (40% mindless drivel according to Pear Analytics). Reading this post on how best to use Twitter by Chris Brogan made me think that it could have a future in destination advice and content.

Chris says he uses Twitter before he visits a city to find out who’s there, where they go and what’s good to do. I’ve used Twitter myself for just those reasons when I visited Japan in May and more recently on a trip to Texas. The information returned is pretty good just by using Twitter search but ask a question and you get even better recommendations and content.

I’m thinking that if Twitter could be mined for all the recommendations people make for things in a certain location and a positive/negative sentiment filter be applied to it you’d actually have a pretty good service for travellers. Concierge service in 140 characters anyone? Trust would obviously be an issue but it wouldn’t surprise me (or others here and this article from Chris Brogan again is worth reading on reputation) to see Twitter launching some sort of reputation filter in the future which when combined with sentiment will open up mining of Twitter content to many more uses. Tapping Twitter in a way that delivers the nuggets of information held within in a usable format with sentiment and reputation considered is something I’ve yet to see from any ‘trend’ tool. Does such a thing exist yet?


2 Responses to “Could Twitter deliver destination advice and content?”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Hey Steve. I’m one of the people who actually had to sit through and filter all those Tweets into those categories. We did see that plenty of people can use Twitter effectively, depending on who they follow or if they use it for research. Unfortunately, for our study, we followed the public timeline. There are a lot of people on there clogging up the system with pointless posts. Of course, they’re not pointless to them and there may be one or two people who are interested in the fact they just did something they deem worthy of telling everyone about, however, most posts that ended up in the babble pile were posts that would not be of interest to a larger group of people.
    I’m glad you found a way to use Twitter effectively. I’d be interested in trying out the travel function myself. We’re headed to NYC in October for the SMX expo so maybe we can try it out then.

    • Steve E Says:

      Hi Sarah. Agree there’s definitely some drivel on Twitter and actually I’d say most power users are just as guilty of occasional dross as others. I think it goes with the territory of 140 chars. That’s where good tools to help you organise and mine it come in (such as Tweetdeck). Thanks for the comment!

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