Is ‘Good Enough’ good enough?

September 1, 2009

This article on Wired talks about the increasing trend for tech companies to produce new products quickly and with fewer features. They say this is due to a demand from consumers to get access to new technology early and they’re willing to relinquish features in order to achieve that.

While the article is about tangible tech products this applies equally to the online world of web design and development. Too often I see companies striving to release the perfect, polished web site, app or piece of functionality and by the time it’s released into the wild it’s either no longer groundbreaking or it’s been done by someone else already. Being agile is important, iterating quickly and releasing early versions as soon as they offer value to users is the way to go particularly for e-commerce businesses. Amazon does this well, through a combination of an agile mindset and the great set of multivariate testing tools it has at its disposal. Get features to market quickly, test their effectiveness (really important) and iterate their development. Good enough really is ‘Good Enough’ if it’s adding value for your audience and making you more money. I can think of a few industries who could really do with adopting this mindset…


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