Digital facade

September 6, 2009

Adam Greenfield (or @agpublic) spoke at dConstruct 2009 on Friday about Networked Urbanism (which was great) and mentioned a developing trend for architects to put digital skins on buildings. I’d seen some of this kind of thing in Tokyo last time I visited and it’s an interesting idea. So I’ve been having a look around and found some amazing examples on realities:united website. They describe themselves as a studio for art, architecture and technology.

They’re latest work is Crystal Mesh which is on a building in Singapore. They say ‘ILUMA “Urban Entertainment Centre” building the ability to dynamically express itself and to dynamically react to changing activities within and to the urban surrounding. The installation, which is identical with the building skin aims to extend the architecture and the building’s inner activities. Thus it does not represent a defined screen nor does it aim at the broadcasting of conventional (TV style) content.

It looks awesome!

So far most of the examples I’ve found are essentially large, permanent art installations. This could get really interesting though when the digital skin starts to react to the building or local environment through the use of sensors, that would really make buildings blend into their surroundings and almost feel organic. Having buildings which could interact with each other would be cool.

Here’s another crazy example from realities:united on the Kunsthaus Graz art museum in Graz, Austria. Amazing building with an amazing facade.

Kunsthaus Graz art museum

Kunsthaus Graz art museum


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