Sophisticated blog spam – why bother?

October 21, 2009

I’ve noticed I’m getting an increasing amount of spam comments on this blog that looks almost handwritten (might even be) and is much more difficult to spot than spam of the traditional format. However, it’s still identifiable as the kind of comment that either doesn’t belong, has been hand crafted to try to trick you or is just plain lazy. What’s the point?

Here’s a prime example with my comments in red:

Hi Patrick, (my name’s not Patrick, it clearly says Steve on the sidebar)
Right on target with this post. Customer service/care will always be about hearing the customer, delivering, and learning for continuous growth. Doesn’t matter what size business — even the smallest setup — if you have an online presence it must be a good one!
(A relevant comment to the post).

Nice to hear from you again. I am on Twitter as (katenasser). (I don’t know you and you even think my names Patrick). Check out my video on my website for humorous and inspirational customer servie talk. (What? Customer servie? Humorous video?)

All the best from this customer service fanatic… Kate.

I mean, thanks for the comment Kate, but at the least get my name right and it would be nice if you didn’t suppose to know me.

Kate titles her comment as ‘Kate Nasser, The People-Skills Coach’ and has an authentic looking web presence here but is she just looking for an inbound link and some free publicity? Where’s the value in her comment?

So come on Kate Nasser, get in touch and tell me why I should approve your comment (and why you think my name’s Patrick)?


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