Android appears in the wild

February 11, 2008

I blogged last week about the rumour of an Android phone appearing this week and lo and behold more than one have, in fact there’s been a veritable plethora of Android based phones on show at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

The BBC have a report on it here, and Techcrunch have a video of an Android phone in use (see below).

It looks good so far but obviously these are all a work in progress so not that pretty and definitely not iPhone competitors as yet.


More GPhone rumours

January 31, 2008

The latest rumours have surfaced about the infamous Google GPhone. The latest (via Marketing Week) is that Google have teamed up with Dell and will be announcing the new phone next week at the 3GSM conference in Spain.

Great news if it does happen! It’ll give me a real option over an iPhone I hope, I’ve been looking and nothing comes close for functionality, but then the iPhone lacks 3G, has a rubbish camera and seems a bit too much form over function for a user like me. As the link above says, Dell are well overdue a proper move into mobile after their pretty awful attempt with PDA’s.

Gphone rumours continue

September 20, 2007

More rumours today about the possibility of Google launching a phone in the near future.

According to sources at Taiwan handset makers, Google will definitely launch its own-brand handset but has yet to finalize the handset’s specifications, OS, production contractor and operating partners.

It seems Google can’t make their mind up about whether to go EDGE or 3G. Texas Instruments handset chipsets will find their way into the Google phone should the company decide to roll out an EDGE-compliant handset, but Qualcomm could turn out to be the winner if Google decides to bet on a 3G model, the sources noted.

HTC is still earmarked as probable manufacturer of the Gphone. And there are still rumours that Google may try to launch with it’s own operating system to compete with Windows Mobile and Symbian.

Of SMS billing it seems…

This patent filing alludes to a new mobile billing tool powered by SMS. The patent has been filed for by Google (GOOG), it makes perfect sense for mobiles to become a mobile electronic wallet, it’s a natural step for anyone who hates cash and always carries a phone.

Couple this with the Gphone news and it’s beginning to look like Google could step into the mobile arena with a very powerful offering very soon!

Gphone rumours abound!

August 29, 2007

Since I posted the other day about the rumours of a forthcoming Gphone from Google Inc. (GOOG) the blogosphere has gone wild with more unsubstantiated facts.

Rumours range from an HTC exec confirming the forthcoming phones existence, to the fact that Yahoo are heading on a parallel tack and developing their own, to rumours that Google are just looking at the operating system side and linking up with phone manufacturers.

I reckon the most likely is the third rumour that Google will concentrate on the software and integrating their own services into someone elses phone and leave the hardware to those who know. As for Yahoo; it’s quite likely they are working on phone apps as well, but whether that would be a whole OS or just another version of Yahoo Go who can tell…

The GPhone commeth?

August 24, 2007

I’m really not sure of the validity of this but thought I’d post anyway as it’s bound to be a hot topic and generate some buzz over the next couple of weeks…

Rediff News, a well respected source of technology news and views from India, has a story stating that Google Inc. (GOOG) will be launching the GPhone in two weeks. Apparently talks are underway with carriers in India to get an exclusive launch on one of their networks and it should be launching simultaneously in the US and Europe.

It’s said that any GPhone that does launch will be 3G compatible and have GPS built in for use with Google Maps. I’d also expect to see GMail integration and IM of some sort.

Google refused to comment. Obviously they will be launching a phone in the future either alone or with a partner, but is it this close to launch? I’m not so sure!