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There’s a lot of buzz about social media and how it can be embedded into the heart of businesses at the moment. I love the idea, it resonates really strongly with the idea of being truly customer centric which is something I strongly believe will help you grow your business and increase customer satisfaction and retention. Being social means being open, listening, responding, having conversations with your customers all things which any customer focused business needs to do. It’s how you fix the pain points, grow up as a business and learn to take criticism and proactively respond and make amends when you have screwed up royally. Social media is a great vehicle for these conversations.

This great presentation from David Armano of Dachis Group hints at how businesses can embrace being social and some of the benefits. The slides that resonate most strongly with me are 44 and 45 where David says it’s time to grow up and realise that being social should just become the way we do business (at least if we want our brands to succeed). The change David mentions in his blog post here is the same as the transformation that’s required to become a customer focused organisation, it needs to come from the top and be embraced throughout the business, there’s no half measures if you really want to reap the full benefits. Consumers have grown up and want more from brands these days, they expect them to listen and respond. It’s time for brands to grow up and realise they need to support this consumer desire for a conversation or risk alienating their audience and pushing them to competitors who will.

Found via Paul Papadimitiou.