Here’s an amusing look at the web back in 1996, the year I started designing myself. I would provide links back to some of the sites I built using the internet archive but sadly all have so many broken links they aren’t worth viewing. I’ll post up anonymised screenshots of a range of sites I’ve built another day…

If only web design was still so simple 🙂


Destroy the Web 2.0 look!

November 26, 2007

A great presentation from Elliot Jay Stocks at the Future of Web Design the other day:

Well now you can find out!

Those lovely people at A List Apart have surveyed 33,000 people who make websites and made the results public.

Here’s the link to the PDF, makes for really interesting reading (once you get past the demographic data).

Most interesting fact for me was that 77% of respondents say they keep their skills current through trial and error. Perhaps the industry needs to take a long hard look at providing more development opportunities for their employees?